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Summer School: Participants Wish for Continuity

After having lived an experience of strong communion during the 1st EoC International Summer School, there is a strong desire to see one another again next year in Madrid!

From our correspondent Isaias Hernando


Fado is the best known expression of Portuguese music; it expresses the little (and big) wounds of daily life in a very particular way: through melancholy, and nostalgia. “All this exists; all this is sad; all this is fado” are the words of a well-known fado that is sung at night time in Lisbon restaurants, in the light of a single candle, in a moving silence and unique atmosphere.  The interesting thing is that only Portuguese people seem able to transform wounds in a very singular way, accepting them as part of life, in song, in music, in beauty, passion, and art.  This says much about the personality of this great nation who has much to say and to give to Europe and the world.  For this reason, the program held during the last days of the Summer School foresaw some ‘outings’ in and around Abrigada: not only to hear the fado, but above all to get to know other important realities.



The first outing, was a visit to one of the businesses of the ‘faria and Irmao Group”, which operates in the shoe sector with about 60 employees. 120912_Summer_Portogallo_31_ridThe brothers Antonio José and Acacio Faria, opened wide the door of their business to all the participants of the Summer School, showing with great transparency its’ industrial reality.  But, most importantly, revealing the secret of its’ success: “Love is the most precious capital”.  They do not say it only in theory, but by telling those present of many concrete experiences made with their employees, thereby showing with facts what is the principal ingredient of the ‘social capital’ which  had been mentioned in school. 

Then the conference entitled: ‘The economy and the Common Good: the Value of Relational Goods’ took place, presided by Luigino Bruni and Luca Crivelli at the Higher Institute of Social Sciences and Politics of the Technical University of Lisbon. 120914_Lisbona_02_ridThe invitation was given by those responsible for the Executive Master in ‘Positive Psychology’.   Some students from the Master program participated in the EoC Summer School, underlining the many points of connection between positive psychology and the principles of the EoC.  To understand it, it is enough to read on facebook about the event, as described by Helena Marujo, one of the Coordinators for the Master: “A moment of pure intellectual pleasure, with incredible and practical implications and consequences. We filled the auditorium with a great energy, the kind that comes from believing there are ways to resolve the most difficult and painful problems we are living.  Even the economy has new sensible, humane and ethical solutions.  This is the way to go!

Saturday morning work was resumed with the presentation of eight possible entrepreneurial  projects elaborated in the classrooms.  We must mention the high 120912_Summer_Portogallo_35_ridlevel of commitment and maturity shown by the young people which has been one of the salient characteristics of this Summer School, favored by an organization which saw to every detail, because communion is not only in the contents, but in each ‘piece’ of life.  This was recognized by the students, as was seen in the impressions shared in which they underlined the communion felt by all, and the wide inter-disciplinary nature of this encounter, expressing a desire to go ahead and communicate “to the millions of young people who work in economy” “This new vision capable of transforming the world......

These are the conclusions expressed by the organizers:  “This was the first truly international Summer School;  we are convinced that the EoC will have a future because you are here; the flame is still burning….”.  In the concrete, the young people have proposed the creation of an ‘International Commission of Young People for the EoC’ which will give continuity to the summer school, making an appointment for the second international summer school for next year, likely to be held in Madrid.

Here is a great video - a glimpse of the Summer School!



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