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Call for papers: Economy of Communion RESEARCH Summer School

The Call for Papers for the upcoming EoC Research Summer School taking place in Holland is out now. Its main topic is research on the EoC

Logo SS Olanda 201723-27 August , 2017
Marienkroon Conference Center,
Abdijlaan 8,
5253 VP Nieuwkuijk – Holland

This multidisciplinary Summer School will reflect on ‘economy’ and ‘communion’, two words that are frequently perceived as being very distant from each other both in academic literature and applied sciences. The primary proposal and challenge behind this Summer School, therefore, is precisely to generate the space to examine these terms together and to focus on their interplay: an ‘economy of communion’.

Scholars are therefore invited to do an analysis of the EoC itself, those thousand-or-so Giovani Summer Schools 01 ridcompanies in all around the world that identify with this economic model with all the thought and work surrounding it, making it similar to an iceberg consisting of a movement trying to generate a different economy and which has made of sharing and communion its lifestyle.

Proposed topics of the Research Summer School include:

  • Beyond the Homo economicus,the diverse anthropologies of the economic agent;
  • The economic agent, social values and institutions;
  • Managing with values and social innovation;
  • Case studies from the EoC and Civil Economy companies;
  • Poverty alleviation, human development, global justice;
  • Gift, gratuity, reciprocity, sharing, trust, happiness and well-being, relationships;
  • Meritocracy, incentive, prices and motivation.

Giovani Summer Schools 02 rid

The invitation is directed to scholars and students (senior or junior PhD scholars, or Masters students) in Economics, Management,  Social  Sciences  or  any  other  connected discipline.

Organised by: Associazione Internazionale per una Economia di Comunione (AIEC) in partnership with Stitching Thomas More and Sophia University Institute

Venue : Marienkroon Conference Center, Abdijlaan 8, 5253 VP Nieuwkuijk – Netherlands

Deadline for submitting abstracts (1 page): June 15, 2017
Application form: https://goo.gl/forms/0m1Dg9h4s13x26jJ2
Further information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cost : (from 22 August night to 27 noon): 215 €
If needed, scholarships can be granted, apply to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after you paper has been accepted.

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